Entertainment and Leisure Expo


Recreational Clubs

Operators of recreational clubs can use this expo to channel their offerings to potential members. These clubs are usually part of a larger organization which offers golf memberships that can use this expo to capture a larger base. Among the services provided at these clubs include access to the facilities like sports courts, swimming pool and other recreational activities for everyone in the family.

Leisure Clubs

This expo is a great platform for leisure clubs to advertise their services. This type of clubs usually come in the form of membership for customers who pay a yearly fee in return to free hotel stays at top tourist destinations as well as discounts on air fare and other travel services. Apart from that, there are other types of leisure clubs like exclusive membership for frequent travelers, family packages, student rates and many more.

Specialized activities

Service providers that offer specialized activities use this expo to advertise the latest entertainment and recreational activities around. This includes games like paintball, board-riding, off-road cycling and others where clubs are able to garner more participation through demonstration their offerings at the expo. Images and videos of the activities are usually on display at the fair while customer service officers will take time to explain all the issues involved to the potential members.


All types of entertainment providers like clubs, karaoke outlets and such will use this expo as a platform to create more awareness with the general public. This type of fair usually involve showcasing the facilities and services provided, the rates involved and any other costs that will be required at the respective outlets.

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