Expo in Malaysia

A business owner would need to gain as much exposure as possible. Expos and trade shows are ideal platforms to do that because you will be able to connect with a lot of traffic and among those who would be potential customers for your business. There are several types of events and expos that are available for businesses and joining the right ones will be crucial. This is because you need to plan ahead on what you want to showcase and if your products are relevant to your customers.

Calendar of Events

First you need to check your calendar. Then consider where the events will be held.

  1. Most convention centres and expo buildings will have a full-year of events planned out. Check and see if they are relevant to your business
  2. Consider joining the events that you have shortlisted
  3. Work out the cost involved and then the time needed to get prepared


As a business, everything you do out of your ordinary selling process will incur cost. When you join an expo, you will need cost for:

  1. Rental of space – This depends on the location and the duration of the expo
  2. Manpower – If the expo is very high traffic, you will need to employ more people to man the booth
  3. Location – Is it local or overseas? That will affect your cost tremendously
  4. Transportation – Both for manpower and the goods, to and from the location of the expo

Trade Expos

There are various types of expos and trade shows. In fact, not all shows are selling events. You need to consider:

  1. If it is a trade event, the concept is to map your business with suppliers or other businesses
  2. Trade event is meant for you to network and expand your business, not so much about selling yet
  3. You will naturally try to create more awareness and to tell more parties about your business
  4. Some trade expos are more concentrated in certain industries than others

Consumer Expos

This type of expos are mostly used for selling. Visitors to the expos are those who are ready to buy through cash-and-carry transactions. Among the popular types of expos in this category are Motherhood, parenting and gadgets, among others. If you join this expo, you will most likely:

  1. Be ready to sell, sell and sell
  2. Order a lot of stock for a spike in your sales during the expo
  3. Provide all types of transactions including credit card
  4. Mostly involve fast moving goods and products
  5. A great place to clear your aging stocks

Services Expo

This type is very focused in a specific industry. In most cases, you will want your customers to either buy your services or be able to know what you have to offer. Services that are popular include:

  1. Education
  2. Travel and tourism
  3. Hospitality and medical tourism
  4. Banking and Finance

Trade Fairs and Expos in Malaysia

There are many trade fairs being held around Malaysia throughout the calendar years which are targeted for businesses and traders from all business sectors. As


Weddings Expo

Bridal House This expo will involve mainly bridal houses where they will display all their products and services for couples who are planning for their


Travel Expo

Travel Agents The Travel Expo is one of the most popular places to visit especially among those who are looking for packages. Travel agents will


Sports and Fitness Expo

Sports Products and Equipments This is an expo where companies involved sports equipment and apparel can showcase their products and offerings. There will be a


Property and Real Estate Expo

Property Developers This expo is an ideal platform for property developers to showcase their latest projects to the market. It usually attracts a lot of


Health and Wellness Expo

Health Supplements This expo is an ideal avenue for health supplement companies. There are a wide range of brands that are renowned in the market


Gifts and Crafts Expo

Gifts and souvenirs This expo provides the platform for gifts and souvenirs sellers to promote their range of products to visitors. This usually includes items


Fashion and Accessories Expo

Fashion and apparel This type of products has one of the best business potential at the expo. Most of the exhibitors usually target female shoppers


Entertainment and Leisure Expo

Recreational Clubs Operators of recreational clubs can use this expo to channel their offerings to potential members. These clubs are usually part of a larger


Consumer Electronics and Appliances Expo

Appliances Major brands and manufacturers of home and office appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and others are usually on display here. This expo


Baby and Children Expo

Baby Products This expo is an excellent avenue for businesses offering baby products to reach a wider market. Manufacturers of products for babies and toddlers


Construction and Building Expo

Building Materials This expo will involve companies that are involved in building materials. This includes brick suppliers, cement manufacturers, steel and metal producers and sand-miners,


Computer and Accessories Expo

Computers and Laptops The Computer and Laptops segment has been one of the most popular markets that utilized these expos for exposure and business. This


Bicycles and Motorcycles Expo

Bicycles Types of products on display include mainly top bicycle brands. This includes bicycles that are used for all types of purposes whether it is


Beauty and Toiletries Expo

Beauty Products The Beauty products segment is one of the largest markets in the world. Made up primarily of cosmetic brands and makeup companies, the


Agriculture Expo

Planting and Farming Types of products mainly include pesticides and fertilizers. Producers of the latest products used in farming can showcase their latest offerings to


Art and Antiques Expo

Art This expo is ideal for artists, art galleries and anyone in the art industry looking to enjoy a wider reach of audience. The art


Automotive and Parts Expo

Automotive Shows An automotive show is among the most popular types of expo for both the manufacturers and car enthusiasts. This type of show is


Aviation and Air Service Expo

Aviation This type of expo is usually held in a very big scale mainly because it involves airplanes and aviation equipment which are large and


Furniture Expo

Furniture Manufacturers This expo will involve manufacturer of furniture from all segments. Home furniture like sofas, kitchen cabinets, lighting frames as well as office furniture


Jobs and Career Expo

Online Jobs The Jobs and Career Expo can be used by online job portals to collect more members. They will usually provide registration for job


The Mega International Machine Tool Event

Year after year since its inception in 1995, METALTECH MALAYSIA (MTM) has been THE event for the machine tool and metalworking industry. It has now