Fashion and Accessories Expo


Fashion and apparel
This type of products has one of the best business potential at the expo. Most of the exhibitors usually target female shoppers with their broad range of fashion products and apparel while many are now focusing on other market segments that include male shoppers, children and even fashion for toddlers. This expo is ideal for fashion brands that are growing and emerging where they can bridge closer to new customers via a more personal approach.

This category of exhibitors will involve fashion accessories for both men and women. The women accessories market is one of the largest and most thriving segments that include the likes of cosmetic jewelry like earrings and bangles while handbags, scarves are among the very popular ones as well. In the men accessories segment meanwhile, this is one which is growing rapidly as well. Men are more fashionable today where accessories like cufflinks, ties, bracelets and even earrings are among those that are on show here. Apart from that, phone accessories and other fashion statement products are usually very much demanded during the fair as well.

Cosmetics and makeup
This segment mainly targets female shoppers. Exhibitors will showcase a broad range of cosmetic and makeup products that are more affordable and cheaper than the established brands. Cosmetics are among one of the most demanded products at this expo mainly because they are cheap and affordable. Furthermore, exhibitors are able to showcase a lot of different variety of products like lipsticks and such which can be easily demonstrated during the expo.

Entertainment and Leisure Expo


Recreational Clubs
Operators of recreational clubs can use this expo to channel their offerings to potential members. These clubs are usually part of a larger organization which offers golf memberships that can use this expo to capture a larger base. Among the services provided at these clubs include access to the facilities like sports courts, swimming pool and other recreational activities for everyone in the family.

Leisure Clubs
This expo is a great platform for leisure clubs to advertise their services. This type of clubs usually come in the form of membership for customers who pay a yearly fee in return to free hotel stays at top tourist destinations as well as discounts on air fare and other travel services. Apart from that, there are other types of leisure clubs like exclusive membership for frequent travelers, family packages, student rates and many more.

Specialized activities
Service providers that offer specialized activities use this expo to advertise the latest entertainment and recreational activities around. This includes games like paintball, board-riding, off-road cycling and others where clubs are able to garner more participation through demonstration their offerings at the expo. Images and videos of the activities are usually on display at the fair while customer service officers will take time to explain all the issues involved to the potential members.

All types of entertainment providers like clubs, karaoke outlets and such will use this expo as a platform to create more awareness with the general public. This type of fair usually involve showcasing the facilities and services provided, the rates involved and any other costs that will be required at the respective outlets.

Consumer Electronics and Appliances Expo


Major brands and manufacturers of home and office appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and others are usually on display here. This expo is the ideal platform for appliances that need demonstration where the brand owners can reach a wider target group. Products include:

Kitchen appliances
This includes equipment like stove, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and other cooking equipment. Apart from that, appliances like blender, kitchen furniture and other utensils are usually on display as well.

Consumer electronics
Home appliances like flat-screen television, audio and video equipment and other automated equipment will usually be on display. Manufacturers of devices like washing machine, home security system like CCTV and alarm systems will use this expo to demonstrate their products to potential customers.

Apart from the electronic items that can be purchased and used, there are fixtures like lighting and air-conditioning units which are on show at these expos. Manufacturers and brand owners of modern technology like LED lighting and water-harvesting systems for the home and corporate spaces are usually involved to showcase what they can offer for better energy efficient and cost-effectiveness.

Security Service Providers
This includes security system providers which usually cover packages like wiring, security control and management as well as CCTV systems. There are a lot of options when it comes to home security systems where visitors can customize each package specifically for their own purpose and affordability.

Latest Technology
This usually includes modern and the current technologies in home electronics like automatic vacuum machines, rain harvesting system, eco-friendly devices and many others which are already in high demand in other countries.

Baby and Children Expo


Baby Products
This expo is an excellent avenue for businesses offering baby products to reach a wider market. Manufacturers of products for babies and toddlers will be able to target a large group of customers that include soon-to-be parents and experienced ones. This is where products like diapers, baby items like pacifiers and milk bottles, clothing, carriages and strollers will be on display to reach the customers better.

Children Products
Products that are targeted to those in the pre-school years will be involved in this fair. This includes items that are necessary for pre-school like bags, clothes and apparel as well as specialized items like learning tools. The fair is an ideal platform for parents to learn more about what they can expect from the brand owners and manufacturers of these products.

Health Supplements and products
At the expo, producers of health supplements for children will be at hand to demonstrate the benefits of what they can offer. This includes multivitamins, fish oil, vitamins and other minerals that are needed for healthy growth of the child. Apart from that, daily diet products like different types of milk powder, oat and other foods are involved in this fair as well.

Sports and Activities
This segment will involve service providers like sports and other activities for children. This include music classes, martial arts, sports classes and many more, all of which will be there to sell their packages to encourage more motivation and learning for the child especially during the growing up years. Apart from that, activities targeted for children with varying learning abilities are provided as well.

Construction and Building Expo


Building Materials
This expo will involve companies that are involved in building materials. This includes brick suppliers, cement manufacturers, steel and metal producers and sand-miners, among others. It is a great platform for producers of these materials to find new and potential customers that range from home owners and renovators to contractors and interior designers. Apart from that, paint companies and brands can use this platform to promote their products as well.

Retail Building Material
This involves brands that sell and market building material which are ready to use. They usually include hardwood flooring material, ready-made iron grills, door handles and others which can be installed easily.

Designers and architects
Interior designers and architects will use this segment to market their services as well as to promote their designs to a wider group of customers. Such an expo usually involves large and established architect firms as well as those that offer services in a smaller scale to offer value-services to potential customers who might be looking for a makeover or renovation of their respective spaces.

Furniture and lighting
Manufactures of components like furniture and lighting will use this section of the expo to bridge new customers. Ready-to-use furniture like couches and dining tables are on display while customized ones like kitchen and living room cabinets can be discussed during the expo.
Meanwhile, lighting component makers and providers like LED bulbs and fixtures can use the expo to create more awareness among the general public as well as for other customers like corporate offices, commercial spaces and customized locations like entertainment outlets and warehouses.

Computer and Accessories Expo


Computers and Laptops
The Computer and Laptops segment has been one of the most popular markets that utilized these expos for exposure and business. This is because one of the most effective consumer behaviors when it comes to purchasing of these products was to visit these expos. In such events, brand owners will take the chance to display their latest gadgets and products as well as offering special promotions for purchase throughout the duration of the expo.

Computer Parts  
Manufacturers of computer parts around the world usually like to use this expo to try and expand their reach to more customers. In fact, the expo is one of the best platforms to try and sell as many parts as possible. Customers will usually visit computer expos to find spare parts for their computers which include power supply components, tower casing and keyboards.

This type of product is usually sold as a novelty and this is targeted for customers who are looking to customize their own computers. The accessories market is very large and there are products like mouse pads, mouse, keyboards, USB ports, network adapters and many more, all of which are intended to magnify the computing experience for the user.

At the computer and accessories expo, customers will be able to find all types of services like online accounts for gaming, online shopping portals as well as online payment of bills and such. This will usually include internet service providers, mobile networks and many others which provide relevant facilities for the computer user in every way.

Bicycles and Motorcycles Expo


Types of products on display include mainly top bicycle brands. This includes bicycles that are used for all types of purposes whether it is for commercial or leisure. Manufacturers of bicycles used for commercial businesses like retail and food delivery are usually on display here. Meanwhile, there are bicycles that are used for leisure like off-road bicycles, racers and all other models that can be used for specific reasons.

This product is one of the most popular types used in such expos. This is because the motorcycle industry is one of the fastest growing segments in recent years in light of the rising cost of fuel and automobiles. Standard motorcycles that are used for transportation and carrying of goods are on show while the bigger names like Ducati and Harley-Davidson which sell superbikes and easy-riders are commonly involved as well.

Spare Parts
In such expos, spare part manufacturers are very common. They sell all types of parts that are catered for both bicycles and motorcycles that include lubricants, absorbers, exhaust pipes or systems and many others.

This is perhaps the most lucrative segment of this expo. Brand owners of crash helmets, leather jackets and all types of accessories used by bikers, cyclists and enthusiasts will display their products for sale during this expo. Apart from that, there are other accessories involved that include mobile devices, GPS and navigation systems as well as apparel from the 2-wheeled vehicle brands would usually be involved in this expo as well in order to offer more variety to the riders and cyclists.