Eye Level Franchise Opportunity


Have you ever wanted to own an education business but do not know where to start? Are you looking for a franchise with a brand which is very established with a good track record?

More than 40 years in education

The Eye Level education system could well be one of your most sound investment if you are planning to franchise operations in the teaching and learning sector. Eye Level is one of the most trusted names in childhood education.

It has been around since 1976 from the United States where countless people have enjoyed one of the most effective methods in learning English Language and Mathematics.

Franchising Eye Level

To run an Eye Level branch, there are several factors that you must consider. Your location would be quite crucial as you need to have students who like the convenience. You should not have an Eye Level center too close within the same proximity of another. The franchise fee is RM13,000.

Besides that, you will need to allocate about RM90,00 as the initial startup cost. This is because you would need to allocate some money for rental and operations while you also need to pay your staff.

A self-sustaining operations

Having said that, you will need to look at other issues like licensing and such. Once all that is taken care of, you pretty much have a self-sustaining business as marketing is done through a central unit.

Your center will most likely cater to the people around the community which makes it easy and more focused as compared to other types of businesses.

What do our experts say?

To run an education business, you must first have passion in teaching. This is a business that works with children which means you must be comfortable working with them and parents too. Venture into this business only if you are very certain of what you want to do.

  • Brand Reputation – Established with a good reputation.
  • Initial Capital – Affordable as franchise fee is quite low. However, licensing might be quite sophisticated.
  • Return on Investment – This is a business you cannot expect to have fast ROI. But after you breakeven, it should be quite stable.
  • Location – Most suitable on first or second floor of shoplots or office.
  • Customer Segment – Families

The Final Word

The Eye Level child enrichment brand is a very established name as it has a proven track record. As much as it is an imported name, it has a strong association with the local families. As such, this franchise is worth entering if you are one who likes education.

However, there are challenges in running and education outfit. Regulations and licensing might deter you from running an operation which is too big. Expansion might be an issue as it is not as scalable as many other types of business.

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