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With The Experience Of Over 50 Years And The Enthusiasm Of The First Day, We Want To Welcome You To A New Fagor. With This Illusion That We All Have On Our First Day, With A Renewed Energy, With The Liking Of Doing The Best Of Each, We Start A New Era In Fagor. A New Time Has Come Together With CNA Group, A Worldwide Reference Brand In Appliances. An Alliance That Will Provide Us The Strength And Stability To Be A Brand With Present And Also Future.

Fagor Has A Wide Range Of Induction Hobs. All Needs Can Be Covered By The Variety Of Designs, Cooking Areas, Dimensions And Functions. All The Innovations Have Been Applied To Each Of The Products. The Result: The Possibility Of Conveniently Cooking With A Wide Range Of Models To Choose From.

Products designed by and for people

Fagor is a brand of quality home appliances that specializes in people, in finding the
best solutions so you can live in a healthier, happier environment.
For this our broad range of products is designed to take care of you and your family.
Fagor offers you a space with a great harmony and a perfect aesthetic balance.

Fagor range of appliances are designed under the same aesthetic and functional unity that will allow you creating an environment with great homogeneity and splendor.

Combine them as you like and, whatever your needs may be, you will see that there is one solution that meets your needs.

Harmony enters your home via Fagor.

The field of competence:
A multi-specialist in household appliances, comfort and furniture
– offering total living solutions!

Target market:
30 years & above / Middle-class & above / Families with children / Good brand experience.

Main axis:
Innovation, modern technology and efficiency to deliver greater sense of quality and user-friendliness.

Designed to enhance modern living:

Manufactured in Europe, Fagor uses innovations and/or technologies to meet your needs.
Technology is used as a means not an end to achieve benefits such as functionality, ease of use (eg. LCDs display technology)
Elegant Technology designed for the modern home.
Premium, high-end, intuitive, sustainable, smart and also environmental friendly.

Technology / Innovation, latest technologies, advances in technology. Fagor Technology. Technology and quality.

Technology and (water / time / energy) savings.

Technology and health / safety …  Besides form, we also provide functionality & innovations in our products

High Technology as a means not an end…Efficiency in terms of lower consumption

Product Range: White Goods

Cooking Range:
– Ovens
– Steam Ovens
– Microwaves Ovens
– Combi Ovens
– Induction Hobs
– Radiant Hobs
– Gas Hobs
– Hoods
– Coffee machines

Washing Range:
– Dishwashers
– Washing Machines
– Washer-Dryers
– Dryers

Cooling Range:
– Refrigerators / Freezers
– Wine cellars

1. Product Information
Call centre personal are knowledgeable in the complete range to be handle your queries on product information.
2. Product Demonstration
Trained call centre personal will endeavor to give online step by step trouble shooting and information on how to use your FAGOR appliances.
3. Promotion and Marketing
To inform the latest offers and products.
4. Information Centre
For general enquiries speak to our information centre.

Fagor’s Awards and Achievements

  • European Ecology Award for the Product for sustainable development
  • First official technical services network to obtain ISO 9001 AENOR certification
  • Quality Systems Certificates based on ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001
  • Health and Safety at Work System based on OHSAS 18001
  • ONCE Awards for Basque Solidarity in the “Supportive Organization” category (Bluetooth technology)


– Refrigerators
– Freezers
– Washing Machines
– Tumble driers
– Diswashers
– Ovens
– Hobs
– Hoods
– Microwaves
– Cookers


  • Pressure Cookers
  • Cookware
  • SDA (Small Domestic Appliances)


  • Boilers
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Constant innovation to offer solutions to customers.
  • Manufactured with Eco-friendly materials.
  • Designed using the Eco-design method.

SERVICES – Promixity to customers

  • Service Excellence in every local market.
  • Proximity to our customers.

INNOVATION – Strategic Lines

  • To launch products and services
  • To contribute market solutions.
  • To develop technological solutions.

INNOVATION – Objetives

  • To expand Innovation Culture.
  • To incorporate an Integral System for Innovation Management.
  • Innovation: Organisational, Cultural and Strategic.

INNOVATION – Applications

  • The intense technological development in different areas, has resulted in real perceived value through new products.
  • Cooking quality:
    • “Master Chef” pyrolitic ovens with a cooking expert function and reduction of consumption (A-10%).
    • Combisteamer pyrolitic oven (steam function).
    • “Slider” hob with 15 power levels.
  • Easy to clean:
    • Second generation of pyrolysis, the best cleaning solution of the market.
    • Induction hobs.

SUSTAINABILITY- Strategy -> The group’s Corporate Mission

  • Sustainable development.
    • Economic.
    • Environmental.
    • Social.
  • Environmental concern.
    • No. 1 Eco-design
    • Cert. AENOR.
    • ISO 14001.


  • Assessment of the Product’s Useful Life
    • Materials Selection.
    • Productive Procedures.
    • Transport.
    • Recycling.

SUSTAINABILITY- Efficiency in the manufacturing method

  • Improvements in the company:
    • Improving efficiency in the manufacturing process.
    • Reducing emissions and waste generation.
    • Integrating the concepts of eco-design in manufacturing processes

SUSTAINABILITY- Key milestones

  • No. 1 in Eco-design Certificate, awarded by AENOR.
  • Redesign of equipment to increase percentage of reuse.
  • Development of the infrastructure for waste management (RAEE).
  • Efficient products A+++ by integration of new technologies.
  • Active member of CECED.
  • Volunteer agreements to reduce CO2.
  • Accession to the 2020 Eco-efficiency program.
  • Distribution of an ethics code to international suppliers.
  • Sponsor of the European Parliament’s symposium on policies and strategies for sustainable housing.

SUSTAINABILITY – The Fagor Electrodomésticos Group is making a contribution towards

  • Preventing climate change.
  • Consuming fewer raw materials by using eco-efficient processes.
  • Preventing damage to the environment.
  • Minimising the employment of material resources.
  • Minimising the generation of waste.

Fagor has a wide range of Induction hobs. All needs can be covered by the variety of designs, cooking areas, dimensions and functions. All the innovations have been applied to each of the products. The result: The possibility of conveniently cooking with a wide range of models to choose from.

Zone cooking area: larger, more possibilities.

Fagor has created an area measuring 40×23 cm where you can use one or several containers according to needs. The largest cooking area in its category, with 920 cm2, 21% larger than the rest.


Committed to design. Some Fagor induction hob models incorporate this modern design frame that visually enlarges the work surface, making cleaning easier and helping with the handling of cooking utensils.

28XL induction ring: Greater efficiency.

Fagor also has large induction hobs. We use 28 cm induction rings that improve the distribution of the heat and power, making it easier to cook with medium-sized containers (21 to 25 cm diameter).

Maximum safety.

Safety lock. Activating this lock will disable the control panel. Therefore avoiding a child, for example, accidentally changing the cooking process. Cold heat. Transmission of heat only goes to to the container, so that glass surface is always cool.

The cold heat is the fastest system.

Residual heat indicator. Warns of heat on the surface of the hob by means of a red pilot light. Cleaning. No problems. As the surface keeps cool, traces of food or splashes do not get burnt or incrusted. They are easily cleaned away, with no risk of getting burnt. As easy as wiping with a damp cloth.

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