Fashion and Accessories Expo


Fashion and apparel

This type of products has one of the best business potential at the expo. Most of the exhibitors usually target female shoppers with their broad range of fashion products and apparel while many are now focusing on other market segments that include male shoppers, children and even fashion for toddlers. This expo is ideal for fashion brands that are growing and emerging where they can bridge closer to new customers via a more personal approach.


This category of exhibitors will involve fashion accessories for both men and women. The women accessories market is one of the largest and most thriving segments that include the likes of cosmetic jewelry like earrings and bangles while handbags, scarves are among the very popular ones as well. In the men accessories segment meanwhile, this is one which is growing rapidly as well. Men are more fashionable today where accessories like cufflinks, ties, bracelets and even earrings are among those that are on show here. Apart from that, phone accessories and other fashion statement products are usually very much demanded during the fair as well.

Cosmetics and makeup

This segment mainly targets female shoppers. Exhibitors will showcase a broad range of cosmetic and makeup products that are more affordable and cheaper than the established brands. Cosmetics are among one of the most demanded products at this expo mainly because they are cheap and affordable. Furthermore, exhibitors are able to showcase a lot of different variety of products like lipsticks and such which can be easily demonstrated during the expo.

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