Finance companies listed in Bursa Malaysia are usually the most active ones among all other companies. In this category, you will find mostly companies which are involved with providing financing services in and around Malaysia. While it is not the category with the largest number of companies, it covers the companies with the largest turnaround. This is where most of the companies in this segment are involved with investments around Malaysia.

Most companies here come from financial backgrounds which include credit companies, financial institutions as well as banks. Most banks in Malaysia are listed on the Bursa Malaysia and their stocks are traded in this segment. This include the likes of Affin, Allianz, AMMB, CIMB, EONCAP, HLBank, Maybank, MBf, Public Bank and RHB.

This segment also covers insurance companies as they are also involved in the segment. This include companies like Jeneh, MAA, Manulife, P&O and others. As mentioned it is important and essential to know more about how these companies operate if you are interested in investing in their stocks. Hence you can share your experiences and information about the finance companies with other members here. The securities like TA, OSK and others that also include Bursa’s stocks too are listed in this industry.


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