Fintech experts on what to expect from Cryptocurrencies from 2021 and beyond


In a recent online event, several fintech experts gave their views and insights on the current situation involving Bitcoin and what investors can expect in the next half of 2021 and what could potentially happen after that.

Actionable insights and opinions

A lot of uncertainties could surface from the money markets because they are naturally volatile and unpredictable. The search for stability has been and always will be a never-ending quest for financial analysts. So, we are often stuck with the nearest and least unstable markets. With cryptocurrencies, we have additional options and that makes the game all the more exciting, wouldn’t it? Several observers do not think so. Hence, what else do they think?

Do not underestimate the revolution of digitization of money

Digital currencies are huge and that is a no-brainer. If corporate leaders are taking note, it shows for something for sure. They have properties and elements that a traditional currency possesses. This means that the digital currencies will become a revolution if it has not already been so. Couple that with more infrastructure and public acceptance, digital currencies are fast being embraced and could well be more trusted than traditional currency in the next 2 years.

Changing mindset among investors and traders

In 2018, the general sentiment that went about was that BTC was a currency used in the dark web and for illegal traders. Fast forward to 3 years later, things have changed considerably much. Throughout the 3 years, more retailers have started accepting cryptos and it is not just BTC alone. However, institutional investors were still cautious and not taking the bait. This has since shifted and they can no longer stay ignorant about especially with the market capitalization growing by leaps and bounds. Instead of being a risk to invest in cryptos, it is not risk NOT TO!

Bitcoin will be the new Gold

The price of gold has often been regarded to be the most stable among all money markets and it has always been accepted for generations. It has been the dominant reserve currency for most economies and can increase over time. On the contrary, there is a finite amount of BTCs that can be mined which means the impact would be major. Over time, BTC could well be more stable than gold which is why there is a lot of institutional investors are pouring money into it now.

Formal education required and provided

The rapid uptake of BTC and cryptocurrencies have seen investors picking up new ways of analysis and trading. Thousands of DIY videos are available online to let a beginner get started but that would not be sufficient now. Formal education is underway and even financial companies are developing curriculum to educate their clients about how the market works, influencing factors and more importantly, investment strategies.

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