Foreign Trade Related Agencies


Austrian Trade Commission

This agency is responsible to facilitate trade services between Austria and Malaysia. It plays an important role in helping companies from both countries to venture into the respective economies, helping them through initiatives and other related events to facilitate commerce and growth.

High Commission of Malaysia in Canberra, Australia

This is the agency that represents the government of Malaysia in Canberra, Australia. It is involved in matters pertaining to international trade, immigration matters and is connected to the Consulate-General offices in Melbourne and Perth to provide support and other services.

Dubai Development & Investment Authority

Established in 2006, the ICD or Investment Corporation of Dubai is responsible for managing investments and commercial companies for the government of Dubai. This is done through policy input and related events that could help businesses to venture both into and out of Dubai.

Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China

Under the China’s Ministry of Commerce, this agency helps to build the foreign investment portfolio for the country. This is done through various policies and initiatives to help businesses from other countries to build and grow their markets within the Chinese economy.

JETRO Business Support Centres (BSC)

The Japan External Trade Organization is established to build strong economic ties between the country of Japan and other parts of the world. Promoting mutual trade and investments, JETRO puts in place initiatives and other events to bring foreign investments into Japan and vice versa.

Japan International Cooperation Agency Malaysia (JICA)

JICA Malaysia is the Malaysian arm of the global network of agencies in charge of representing the country of Japan to facilitate businesses in venturing into the respective countries. This agency helps Malaysian businesses to work with partners, expand their businesses and other ventures.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.(JAMA)

JAMA is made up of the 14 major vehicle manufacturers of Japan. It is a non-profit organisation which was the result of the merger between JMIF (Japan Motor Industrial Federation) and JAIEA (Japan Automobile Industry Employers’ Association) to facilitate better management of the industry.

Korea Business Centre (KOTRA)

KOTRA Kuala Lumpur is the trade investment and promotion agency of the Korean government in Malaysia. Managed under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea, it handles various economic activities like exhibitions, trade missions, research and many others.

Qingdao International Investment Promotion Network

This agency is involved in promoting and facilitating businesses to work with local partners in the province of Qingdao. It is part of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and is involved in initiatives like exhibitions and awareness campaigns.

Small and Medium Business Corporation, Korea (SBC)

The SBC is a Korean government agency which is involved in building growth and development efforts for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) of the country. This non-profit organisation is involved in various facets like consulting, training and marketing programmes.

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