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Have you ever wanted to invest in a money market but is not sure which one to enter into? Have you ever heard that the foreign exchange market is very profitable but somehow very volatile?

Find the best educators in Forex

Like any other form of investments, you need to have the prior knowledge before starting. You must know the risks involved, how the market operates and most important, how to catch the pricing so that you do not end up as the loser!

What is there to learn?

Forget what people tell you that investing into money markets are all about experience. You will surely need to have some technical knowledge and then find the experience you need. What if we tell you that you can now learn the tricks and short-cuts from experienced investors without having to go through too much trial-and-error?

Enter the Forex Asia Academy

The Forex Asia Academy is one place you can turn to which will kick start your forex trading business. Founder of Forex Asia Academy, Choo Koon Lip has turned the academy as one of the most successful platform for interested individuals and traders to learn about Forex. This is the platform where you will be accorded with some of the best practices that you can ever come across in online trading without having to make the mistake before hand.

What you get at Forex Asia Academy?

You can learn Forex strategies to predict the trends and patterns of the constant currency price movement. The lessons are designed according to Forex market data especially during Asian hours which make this extremely relevant to you. The academy had celebrated its first year anniversary on 4 June 2009. It was a year before that which the academy received its first batch of Forex intensive students in Singapore. Months after the establishment of Forex Asia Academy, on October 2008, Singapore Forex Forum listed Choo as one of the world’s youngest Forex educator in the industry.

Courses at Forex Asia Academy

The academy offers various short courses suitable for novice as well as experienced traders. Novice investors must gain the opportunity to attend the notable Forex Intensive Preparation Workshop to gear up as a skillful Forex trader and maximize the profits. The classes are conducted regularly by qualified educators.

Among some of Forex short courses offered by the academy is Fibonacci trading, Forex technical intensive, Forex beginner intensive, trading psychology, price pullback strategy, Forex teabreak strategy as well as Forex theorist intensive.
The Forex theorist course is one of the very popular courses which runs for 15 hours. This course educate traders on key areas and aspects such as human psychology and other significant global events that will influence currency prices. Bear in mind that these are the basics to analyze and sketch the right Forex trading strategy to maximize your profits. However, the course is only available for Forex Asia Academy graduates.

On the other hand, for those who would like to measure entry points as well as analyze market behaviour and patterns, then do not miss out the chance to join Fibonacci trading. This is a short workshop that lasts for four hours only.

For Beginners

There is meanwhile a course designed specifically for beginners. This is known as the Forex Beginner Intensive. It is recommended for novice traders as you’ll get a chance to learn from the foundation of forex trading. The course outline will pinpoint on the accurate ways to read and interpret charts. The course lasts for six hours. Highlight of the workshop is Strategy Creation Process.

Forex Intensive

The Forex Intensive programme meanwhile is designed to be a comprehensive platform that provides education to investors on the art and science of trading. The content of this course has been derived through a lot of extensive research and proactive approaches.

Forex Trading essentials

This course is one which starts from scratch. It includes walk-through of strategies, hands-on training and even live trade demonstrations for students to grasp forex trading better. This includes areas like technical and fundamental analyses, trading strategies, techniques and many others including strategy creation, money management and psychology in trading.

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