Forex Diamond EA


Forex Diamond is among the top Forex Robots used by investors the world over. It has a 60-days money back guarantee provided by the authors of this robot, who are those who created another top robot, the Wallstreet Forex Robot.

Diamond Platform

Traders and brokers who use Forex Diamond can choose between a 1 live account for a Single License agreement or a 2-live accounts for Full and Multiple demo accounts. The latter comes with a lifetime Expert Advice (EA) updates and 24 hours, 7 days a week support.

Carefully crafted design

The creators of this robot have done their homework in introducing the Forex Diamond robot. This EA is marketed to be a world-class complete and highly effective robot. Apart from that, it is known to be able to integrate trends and counter-trend strategies while ensuring smart financial management and implementing of dynamic trading parameter configurations. Such a strong and impressive list of features simply means that that forex trader can be quite certain in their investments.

Trading systems of Forex Diamond

The Forex Diamond uses 3 autonomous trading systems which are designed to offer minimal intervention and a smart strategy in trading. This includes a combination of trend and counter-trend strategies which constitutes one of the most important and effective automated methods in forex trading. In smart money-management, Forex Diamond ensures that the investor’s account is not overborne or used while the other market domination strategy is dynamic trading parameter configurations and rapid trade execution.

Strong Features of Forex Diamond

What makes Forex Diamond stand out among the rest is that it has got some very strong features that can be distinguished from the more common types of Expert Advisors. It has principles in both trend and anti-trend environments, allowing you to enjoy faster finance administration and implementation of your intended trades.

  1. Protection – Not a common trait among other Forex robots, you get to enjoy top slippage and towers security with this EA.
  2. 40+ Recovery – This Recovery Factor is all you need to know when it comes to earning more and losing less. It works in such a way that it equalizes the pip net profit by dividing the drawdown. The reason it states 40+ is because the EA can now cover 40 times more profit than the potential loss.
  3. Protecting your Spread – The Forex Diamond EA is able to intervene in a situation where you might risk not being able to execute on time for a trade which could mean you will incur losses. This is done via calculating the opportunities to trade made possibly only within the EA.
  4. Profit protection – It merges the soaring slippage protection with the trading judgment within the EA.

So, does it really work?

At the end of the day, the Forex Diamond is designed to provide the forex trader with an automated and long-term solution that requires very minimal intervention in terms of trading and strategizing. Packing the 3 proven market-domination algorithms, Forex Diamond is able to integrate the trends of the market and a calculated measurement of risk before deploying any further trade activities.

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