Forex Growth Bot


The Forex Growth Bot is designed to offer low capital and high profit for the Forex trader using its unique strategy and automated functions. It must be noted that the Forex Growth Bot is designed only to trade EURUSD on M15 which is its main limitation. It can then be assumed that as compared to other Forex Robots in the market, the Forex Growth Bot might be smaller and perhaps not cover as much grounds. However, by focusing on certain important areas that can derive good returns in a short to medium term, the Forex Growth Bot actually do have its advantages.

Expert Advisor in Volatility

Using the Forex Growth Bot is quite straightforward. This EA (Expert Advisor) banks on the volatility of the market. When the volatility indicator shows that it the market is changing, the EA will assume that the trend has started. This means that a position will be opened and it will close if the market goes against it. The robot will then adopt a wait-and-see stance to get another chance to capture and open the position again.

Why use Forext Growth Bot?

One of the significant factors that make the Forex Growth Bot so good is that it has an excellent track record in backtesting and forward testing. This gives the forex trader confidence to trust the EA enough for future trading transactions. Overall, the Forex Growth Bot is known to have a user-friendly interface with a stable EA which makes a lot of difference for forex traders. This however is evident if the trader applies and invest in the limitation that it offers.

Unique features of Forex Growth Bot

The currency pair that can be used in Forex Growth Bot is Euro/USD which as mentioned would very well be a limitation of this EA. It is recommended to use the VPS server as you will want to trade throughout the day (meaning 24 hours). It adopts the 4 and 5 digits concept. One of the downside of this EA is that you need to monitor the open positions constantly which might be lost if disruption occurred to the connection. The VPS server would ensure that such instances do not happen.

Based on a Wave Stop model, this means that the EA will open any new positions when there is a window of profit potential. Depending on your level of expertise and how much you want to trade, you can choose between the 3 versions of the Bot. This includes the Basic one which has all the important features you need, the Advance version which come with extra parameters usually preferred by the more seasoned traders. And you can opt for the Power version which has all the parameters you will need as well as a robot MQL code for better automation.

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