Forex Striker


Comes with a fully automatic hands-free installation, it takes you only a few seconds to install the Forex Striker. This means that it is easy to set up and easy to use. It allows you to take identical deals because it adopts a very easy method through a complicated background.

Perfect with MT4

If you are comfortable with MT4, then there is no problem using the Forex Striker. After all, it is the most used platform in the world today. In fact, you can use Forex Striker with any broker as long as they are MT4 compliant. It would be best if you use the MyFXChoice if you are looking for maximum performance. This is where you get faster execution of orders and unsurpassed low spreads. In terms of installation, you can choose between automatic or manual.

Why use Forex Striker

For starters, it is compatible and adheres to all the guidelines as stipulated by the NFA or the United States. You only need a minimum deposit for every currency pair. In most cases, this is only at USD500. You can trade in both the currency pairs which are either EURO/USD or GBP/USD.

Forex Striker does not need to use the martingale which is its patented technology known to be among the most exciting one in the market. It averages about 100% annually. This brings it down to about 10% monthly on average. When the trading market moves very fast, it means that the trading will be closed very quickly. As such, you have a small window to get this done where it will require only about 2 to 3 hours.

Forex Striker is operated through ThinkForex. It is among the most popular Forex Robots in the market used by forex traders around the world. Designed by the experts of Fapturbo, Forex Striker has a unique strategy that it adopts in providing the best assistance to the trader when investing in the Forex market.

Understanding Forex Striker

Unlike other Forex Robots in the market, Forex Striker is seen more like a long-term investment as it does not produce instant profit. In fact, it does not guarantee a sure-win strategy for the trader especially in the short-term. A 7-year backtest is provided through the website of Forex Striker among other resources for this robot.

The underlying concept of the Forex Striker is that it will win more than it losses in the long run which means that the forex trader can expect a profit at the end of the month and more so at the end of the year. So it is quite common that using Forex Striker does not win every trade throughout the day. Losses come around quite commonly.

Forex Sniper Strategy

Using the Forex Striker is very easy as it use the common meta trader platform. To set up the EA (Expert Advisor), the robot can be integrated through a manual provided. It is able to trade almost any currency pair commonly adopted in forex with a 8:1 ratio of profit and loss.

Forex traders can copy and paste the trades of live trading forex experts in Forex Striker. This is actually how the EA learns and thinks and then it continues on automatically. This robot is specially designed to use the most accurate techniques in order to generate profit for the trader. This means that the robot is not just trying the same technique until it succeeds but using different circumstances to get there.

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