Franchise opportunities – Gloria Jean’s Coffee


Having a coffee shop is good business if you have the products and the customers. Having a coffee shop with a well established name would be double the bonus. That is where Gloria Jean’s Coffee comes into place.

Lifestyle coffee in Gloria Jean’s

Combining lifestyle with great café food, you can now be part of this exciting franchise and start offering some of the best coffees in the market.

Why Gloria Jean’s Coffee?

The equation is simple. There are so many brands out there including Starbucks and The Coffee Bean, there is a ready market for this. Gloria Jean’s Coffee is among those names in this sector which have already been well established across the world.
With more than 40 types of premium coffees available, Gloria Jeans’ Coffee has been around since 1979. From then, it expanded quite rapidly and today, its franchise business has reached about 40 countries globally. Gloria Jean’s Coffee serve more than 8 million people daily through its over 1,000 outlets across the markets.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Gloria Jean’s Coffee has been around for more than 10 years now. It has been growing quite steadily over the years and this continues to be the case. What makes franchising this business a good investment is that you have a global brand at the starting point.

Franchising Gloria Jean’s Coffee

The startup cost for an outlet of Gloria Jean’s Coffee will depend mostly on the location, size and type of your store. The full store concept is one which is most prominent. You will need a large space which can house dine-in customers, hold functions and for take-away customers. This will cost you around RM750,000. The franchise fee will be RM65,000 which is quite acceptable considering its brand’s stature. On top of that, the amount will include other payments like insurance, equipment, renovation, design and such. This type of outlet is best in shopping centres and as stand-alone cafes.

Other Franchising options

Another option that you can consider is the Gloria Jean’s Coffees Kiosk concept. This option will be best if you have limited space. You do not have the luxury of a standalone outlet like the full store. In most cases, it could be a half retail lot or just a portion of a lot. As the name implies, your customers will most likely be take-away people while you might have a small area for dine-in customers. This type of business is great for lobby areas in hotels or office buildings. The investment you need to start would be about RM500,000.

Coffee Cart – this model is very volatile. You can set it up anywhere possible and is the cheapest form of business you can start which is about RM300,000. As the Gloria Jean’s Coffee Cart is a compact sized business, you do not need a large space. Your customers will most likely be take-away customers but what you want really is to find a high-traffic location.


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