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Shins is no stranger to the beauty and skincare industry of Malaysia. It is a very popular store that women will look for at shopping malls where they can acquire the supplies of personal and beauty care products.

Be Part of this growing success

Are you passionate about beauty care products? Do you know that you can now operate the Shins outlet and be part of this expanding business? If you do, it can be part of the beauty industry that carries some of the top brands in cosmetics, make-up and personal care.

The Shins Brand

Shins has been around since 1999. Since then, it has already garnered some of the top awards in the industry. Shins has bene expanding and offer all types of beauty products for its customers across the country.

Today, it has more than 50 stores around Malaysia that sell more than 5,000 types of products. These products come from more than 200 international and regional brands that are very well demanded after by its customers.

The Final Word

Franchising Shins is very easy and is actually quite affordable. It is among one of the lower ones in terms of franchise fees but the main challenge is in the inventory. As some of the brands are renowned, you might need a lot of reserves to sustain the business.

What do our experts say?

Venture into this business if you have a passion for beauty and skincare. The market is very large especially when you are targeting mainly the female community.

  • Brand Reputation – Established and still growing.
  • Initial Capital – High where you need about RM300,000 to start most of which goes to inventory.
  • Return on Investment – 1.5 to 2 years at least as you need to grow your customer base in the first year.
  • Location – Not crucial but should be visible. Customers will look for your outlet if they know about your presence. Shopping malls or stand-alone shops are suitable.
  • Customer Segment – Mostly women.
  • Franchise Fees – RM50,000
  • Royalty Fees – 3%

The Final Word

The Shins brand is very well known in Malaysia but the competition is high. This is one business you can venture if you what it takes to sustain the business, especially with overheads and rental. One of the most crucial factors of this business is volume.

What you want is to be able to clear inventory in the shortest time so you can replenish and sell again so that the business sustains a good cash flow.

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