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Vital Years can be a sound investment opportunity if you are passionate about working with children. In fact, Vital Years benefits from having an established set of curriculum which has been trusted by parents across the country. As such, this is one franchise that you can consider as long as you have a good location which has ample parking and safe.

Vital Years business with kids

If you check the above boxes, then Vital Years might just be the ideal business opportunity for you. For many years, Vital Years have been educating children across the country. It has its own set of a curriculum that has been tested and proven and has been very trusted by parents in Malaysia.

What you need is a good location that is safe and convenient and Vital Years could well be the perfect business opportunity for you to enter into.

How it all began?

Vital Years started in 1996 and since then, it has been growing by leaps and bounds. The pre-school chain has branches across Malaysia where it is among the top brands aimed at educating children in their ‘vital years’.

What Vital Years intend to achieve is to offer a learning environment for children in their early years which is stress-free and conducive. The challenge of running a pre-school business is that there is more regulation as compared to any other form of business.

This is because businesses like these deals with children which means you need to emphasize a lot on safety and staffing. You will be dealing with parents most of the time while the way you operate your business is crucial as well.

Why franchise Vital Years?

With a passion for children and the intention to start a pre-school business, you will need all the help and expertise you can find. Because of this, you should try and get the best and most experienced people which is available when you franchise Vital Years.

The master franchiser of Vital Years is Vital Years Holdings Sdn Bhd that will help you to set up and teach you to manage the business. The franchise fees for Vital Years is RM20,000. You will need an initial capital of about RM150,000 to kick-start the business.

Remembering that the location is very important so you need to consult with the master franchiser before starting so that there will be no conflict of interest. A 10% monthly royalty fee is applicable which must be paid to the franchiser which is part of the franchise deal.

What do our experts say?

That which makes Vital Years an attractive franchise option is that this name has been around for quite a while now. Most of the students who were educated there give a very good account of their experience and learning.

Hence, you have word-of-mouth marketing which is very powerful and effective. This business requires patience and passion.

  • Brand Reputation – Established and very reputable among parents and former students.
  • Initial Capital – RM150,000 would be a sound figure to start with that will cover the rental and renovation of the place.
  • Return on Investment – This would take between 1.5 to 3 years depending on your location.
  • Location – Usually at top floors of shop-lots or business centers. The idea is to offer the courses for the children of a specific residential area.
  • Customer Segment – Young parents.
  • Franchise Fees – RM20,000
  • Royalty Fees – 10% of monthly gross sales.

The Final Word

Getting into the child enrichment business is challenging. You will need to be trained (which will be provided) in terms of teaching as well as in business operations. Investing in this business is exciting. It is in the sustaining and operations that you might need to persevere.

Basically, if you like working with children, then Vital Years is the business venture for you. It has a strong and proven track record which gives you a good headstart.

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