Franchise Opportunity – Ayam Penyet API


Ayam Penyet API is an attractive business that you can enter into if you are interested in the area of food and beverages. It is based on the very popular Indonesian cuisine of a spicy and crispy fried chicken style.

From Indonesia to Malaysia

Ayam Penyet is extremely popular not only in Indonesia but in Malaysia as well. In fact, Ayam Penyet has often been regarded and listed in the top 10 most popular food among Malaysians due to its unique Surabaya recipe.

A tested and proven recipe

The Ayam Penyet API brand is marketed and owned by Ayam Penyet API Sdn Bhd which is based in Bandar Sri Permaisuri in Kuala Lumpur. This brand is very popular in Malaysia where it is found in major shopping malls and retail outlets.

Opening new business options

As such, franchising this business can be very beneficial as it will include the original recipe of Ayam Penyet API, renovation and outlet design as well as continuous support from the franchisee. This is a business that is easy to run and operate, requiring minimal manpower and constant capital injection.

Getting started with Ayam Penyet API

To start the business, you will need between RM577,000 and RM752,000 which will be required for rental and standard overheads. It includes the starting inventory as well as employing staff to run the outlet.

Meanwhile, the franchising fee for Ayam Penyet API is RM100,000 as well as some other fees involved and you will be on your way to be part of this franchise program which has spanned across Malaysia in the East and North Coast as well as in Brunei.

What do our experts say?

The Ayam Penyet API name has a strong reputation and appeals very well to its customers. Entering into the F&B market can be very exciting but you must have the commitment to operate this for a few years to enjoy success.

  • Brand Reputation – Young brand but growing very strongly.
  • Initial Capital – This is on the high side that starts about RM577,000 to RM752,000 depending on space and location.
  • Return on Investment – Location is the key to breaking even. Otherwise, you need to have sufficient reserves to maintain the business at least for the first 3 years.
  • Location – Very crucial and needs high traffic volume.
  • Customer Segment – Big market for families.
  • Franchise Fees – RM100,000

The Final Word

Ayam Penyet API is one of the many names in the F&B segment of Malaysia. While it has got a good and strong market following, it is still one of the niche areas. Starting this business is straightforward but sustaining it might be challenging.

The benefit though is that this brand is quite renowned among its customers. Hence, you have a ready pool of walk-ins and repeat customers as long as they know you are operating in that location.

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