Franchise Opportunity – Big Apple Donuts and Coffee


The Big Apple Donuts and Coffee does offer a good choice of investment especially if you like the F&B and service industry.

While it might not be as established as international brands like Krispy Kreme, Big Apple has a strong following of customers who enjoy its list of snacks and products. This is a fast-growing market and will be a sound investment.

A home-grown brand!

When it comes to donuts, there are many renowned brands that have been brought into Malaysia. Unknown to many, the Big Apple Donuts and Coffee brand is actually a home-grown Malaysian name.

The first Big Apple outlet was opened in 2007 at The Curve, Damansara. In 2 years, Big Apple expanded to 30 branches nationwide and this will continue to grow to more than 60 outlets in Malaysia and a few outside the country.

Big Apple offers a unique franchising opportunity through its 28 distinct donut flavors and still growing. Each outlet will usually churn out about a quarter million donuts each month which makes this business extremely enticing.

Operated by Big Apple Interasia, the franchise fee starts from USD300,000 where there is a 5% royalty fee of the gross fee involved. To start this business, you will need a high capital outlet as the initial cost could be tween USD1.5 to USD3 million.

However, with a strong following and aggressive marketing campaign, the returns could be very lucrative. In Malaysia alone, the Big Apple Facebook page has more than half a million fans and is ranked among the top 20 most popular pages in the country.

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