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Among all the many franchise programmes you can venture into, Cavenzi would perhaps be one of the easiest to start. Comparatively, the start-up costs might not be too high but Cavenzi is not a top brand in the furniture market.

This might not be the most ideal franchise opportunity as there have been negative reviews concerning the quality of products previously.

More about Cavenzi furniture

Cavenzi has a strong reputation as one of the largest furniture retailer in Malaysia. It is commonly associated with furniture which is value-for-money, practical and contemporary in design. This makes Cavenzi furniture one of the most preferred brands in this market segment, especially among Malaysians who do not want to spend too much on imported furniture which can sometimes be overpriced.

Cavenzi is a Malaysian home-grown brand which has grown to more than 35 branches around the country. Its head office is in Balakong in which the main philosophy is to sell high quality furniture at affordable price levels. In fact, many of Cavenzi’s furniture are known to be well below the market price of its competitors. This gives Cavenzi an upper hand in terms of competition in the market which can be quite challenging.

What makes Cavenzi so popular among Malaysians is its franchise business model which makes it very easy to start and own. Now you can start your own Cavenzi outlet at an affordable and convenient franchise program. You will need about RM497,000 in terms of initial capital which will include fees like rental, overheads, renovation and such.

One of the most important factors about operating a furniture shop is that you need a space which is larger than most retail outlets. The franchise fee for Cavenzi is RM100,000 where you will be advised on all the areas required to operate this business. This includes store management, staff and manpower, stocking and inventory, advertising and promotions and any other issues involved.

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