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There is always potential for business in the beauty care industry. If you have been wanting to venture into this business, you might want to consider entering with a brand that is established like Clara International.

Pioneering skincare from Malaysia

Clara International is a reputable name in skincare which started back in 1977 in Malaysia. Since then, it has already grown to become quite an international name with new innovations and products along the way.

Specializing in skin health

To date, Clara International has become a major name as among the top specialists in offering skin health services and products. In fact, Clara International has been recognized and awarded with some of the top accolades in this industry.

This is made possible through their own research and development as well as manufacturing facilities and channeled through their own academies and beauty centers. This simply means that Clara International has an entire supply chain to support the business.

Clara International now operates more than 50 centers across the country while spreading its brand to other countries around Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius and Myanmar, among others.

Products by Clara International

Franchising Clara International has very good potential because of the products they offer. All the skincare products are certified Halal and are free from alcohol and animal-testing free. They are also eco-friendly with no harmful additives whatsoever.

What do our experts say?

The skincare industry is always vibrant and very active with many brands coming in and out each year. Not many can be around for as long as Clara International which makes this a sound business to invest in.

  • Brand Reputation – Among the best in skincare.
  • Initial Capital – From RM140,000 to RM200,000 to start.
  • Return on Investment – Should stabilize after the first year where you need to set your customer base.
  • Location – It could be standalone shops or in shopping malls. The former is more affordable.
  • Customer Segment – Middle-income women.
  • Franchise Fees – RM20,000
  • Royalty Fees – %
  • Advertising Fees 1%

The Final Word

Franchising Clara International can bring a lot of benefits because of its well-established brand name. Before you start, it is very important to first learn all you can about the products as they are what the customers are looking for.

Startup capital might not be too high but you need reserves to keep it operational. This is one business with a lot of options for expansion especially when it is a demanded service from the customer pool.

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