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Are you a lover of the signature snack corn-in-a-cup? Do you have an intention to start your own food business or kiosk? Do you know that Daily Fresh is among the major names that offer snacks and drinks across the world?

Ideal Light Meal Business

If your answers are yes to those above, then Daily Fresh could well be your franchise option. You might not know it but Daily Fresh is actually an international brand.

It is actually one of the most popular and recognized F&B names in a very specialized segment. Not needing any large locations or space, Daily Fresh is consistently known as a kiosk outlet that offers some of the most recognized light meals around.

Affordable entry cost

If you are looking for a good investment for franchising an F&B business, then Daily Fresh could be your ideal option. The main reason for this is because it does not require very high funding.

Offering a variety of drinks and snacks, owning this business means you also have access to one of the most renowned trademarks in the market. Customers of Daily Fresh appreciate the healthy offerings from this name.

Good visibility at public places

You will most likely see Daily Fresh at major shopping centers as the key to the success of this business is to be at high traffic and visibility areas.

Offering healthy snacks at affordable prices, this is the very philosophy and practice of Daily Fresh where it is the same across the world including its branches in Singapore, Turkey, China and the Middle East.

Options for operating Daily Fresh

You can now join the growing numbers of Daily Fresh outlets globally. With more than 1,800 kiosks across the world, you can start this business with very low investment. There are 3 options to choose from which are determined by the size.

  • Standard Kiosk Concept
  • Island Kiosk Concept
  • Cafe Concept

An easy to operate business

You will be required to bear your own rental and overheads. Staffing is quite minimal as you do not need a lot of people manning the store. Starting out is quite fast where you will be trained on how to run the business, preparation of the foods and maintaining the business’ sustainability.

What do our experts say?

The F&B business is a market segment that is very dynamic and vibrant. Getting into this business can be challenging and daunting as well. Thus, it is imperative that you have the commitment to see it through and the passion to run before starting.

  • Brand Reputation – Renowned and established in Malaysia.
  • Initial Capital – From RM85,000 to RM250,000 depending on the size.
  • Return on Investment – Breakeven should be expected by the end of Year 1. This is highly dependent on the traffic of your outlet.
  • Location – Crucial and you need to clear inventory quickly.
  • Customer Segment – Shoppers mostly.
  • Franchise Fees – RM25,000 which is among the lowest in this segment.
  • Royalty Fees – 2%
  • Marketing and A&P Fees 3%

The Final Word

You should consider this business opportunity if you are highly confident in securing a good location. A visible and convenient location is the one most important factor for Daily Fresh because you are dealing with perishable goods.

Having said that, it has a very strong reputation and image which have very high brand recollection, especially among shoppers. That should give you a good headstart.

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