Franchise Opportunity – Sinma Jewelry Centre


If you are into the beauty and accessories business, then Sinma Jewelry Centre would be a good venture for you.

This is because Sinma enjoys many years of brand presence in the market dating back to the 1990s and what you need is only start-up capital, a good location and costs for sustaining the overheads like staffing, rental and inventory.

Jewelry Business is always lucrative

The business area of costume jewelry is known to be one of the most recession-proof businesses in any economy. This is mainly because products offered in this business area are affordable while it is often needed and required by most consumers who are mostly women from all ages.

The Sinma Jewelry Centre is one of the most established retailers in the costume jewelry segment. It started in 1986 when it was only a small shop where it has already grown by leaps and bounds to become the largest fashion accessories retail chain in Malaysia.

Today, through an aggressive expansion and franchising programme, Sinma’s ‘Making Every Girl Pretty’ has become one of the most popular retailers among its customers, with a strong following around the country.

Through this franchise programme, entrepreneurs can now leverage on the strong brand presence that Sinma has already built over the years. As such, you can now operate your own Sinma Jewelry Centre through this platform which is easy to set up and start.

Sinma provides all the supporting services that you will need to operate the business efficiently that includes an operations system with a RM30,000 franchise fee while you will need about RM250,000 to RM400,000 as your initial start-up capital which will cover the likes of renovation, design of store and inventory among others.

Apart from that, you will be trained on how to operate the business from ordering of stock to managing of the systems, manpower and staffing and any other related areas.

Sinma Franchise Sdn Bhd
Level 8, Wisma Pahlawan,
Jalan Sultan Sulaiman,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  +603-22732788

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