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Tako Tao can be a good franchise opportunity if you are able to capitalize in the right target market group. This is one of the favourite snacks around with a strong brand presence in shopping malls and commercial areas. What you get is a strong brand presence and loyal following of customers who would go the extra mile to enjoy this snack.

You don’t know Tako?

Tako Tao is perhaps one of the most established names seen in most Aeon department stores around Malaysia. This brand is a type of Japanese snacks which involves selling Takoyaki or grilled octopus with several types of ingredients that are all uniquely blended to offer the best and most tasty type of food around.

Takoyaki is actually very popular in Japan but Tako Tao is actually a Malaysian-born brand. The business started in 2003 where it has a broad range of snacks and recipes which make them very delicious and very special thereby striking a perfect chord among Malaysians who are often seen bringing this food along shopping malls, entertainment outlets and other locations.

Tako Tao is very popular mainly because the food is good and it is affordable. Furthermore, it offers an alternative to the more common types of snacks like waffles, fruits or corn which are always seen around the entertainment locations.

Therefore, starting a business operating a Tako Tao kiosk can be very profitable as you can now benefit from an already established brand with a ready stream of customers who know what to expect when they buy from the stall.

Starting Tako Tao only require a RM20,000 franchise fees while the initial investment range from RM50,000 to RM80,000 which depends largely on the location, size of the kiosk and others.

Apart from that, it will include renovation of the place, training and staffing as well. An additional 5% royalty fee from the monthly gross income will be required.

Tako Tao Malaysia
Suite 1208, Level 12, Amcorp Tower,
Amcorp Trade Centre,
No.18,Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7948 5311

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