Franchise Opportunity – Vitacare Pharmacy


Yes, Vitacare Pharmacy is a good franchise opportunity for those who intend to venture into the health and wellness sector. Vitacare Pharmacy has a very established brand name in this sector which means that you will have ready customers who will be buying from the outlet. Location will make big difference which is usually in a shopping mall or in a commercial area of a region.

One of the top Pharmacy brands

Operating a pharmacy can be very challenging as it is very different from running other forms of retail business. The Vitacare Pharmacy is one of the most established brands in health care in Malaysia.

Operated by Kumpulan Farmasi Vitacare Sdn Bhd, this is one business that can be profitable especially with the rising concern of health and wellbeing among Malaysians today. Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of good health as well as supplements that the body needs that are lacking from daily diet and other needs.

As such, the constant flow of business can make this franchise a sound investment where you will be retailing a variety of supplements as well as over-the-counter medication. The initial investment to start a Vitacare outlet starts around RM220,000.

The franchise fee is RM25,000 where you will be able to enjoy the support in terms of store design, marketing and promotions and other areas like advice on pharmacist employment and regulations. In return, you will have to bear a 3.5% services fee which is taken from the monthly gross income and sales. On top of that, you will have to bear an additional 1% advertising fee from your monthly gross income as well.

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