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Souled Out is one of the Malaysian success stories in the F&B sector. This will be an extremely good franchise opportunity to venture into if you like the service industry as Souled Out is already a very established brand name in the market. You will however need to find a suitable location for this business as it serves medium and high market level foods.

Is the food business your cup of tea and you have always wanted to join this industry as a business owner? Think Souled Out (actual spelling is SOULed OUT) and it might ring a bell!

Top dining place in Malaysia

Souled Out is a very established F&B Brand in Malaysia mostly because of its reputation and history. It serves great food and beverages and has been around for more about 20 years now.

The philosophy of Souled Out is Good Food, Good Price and Good Service which means it has all the ingredients of a sound investment and business if that is what you are looking for.

A bit about Souled Out

Souled Out came about from the idea of Fred Choo and Michele Kwok when it started out in 1996 merely as a neighbourhood café. Who would have envisioned that it would grow to become a household name some 20 years later?

The first outlet was at Sri Hartamas which was then ‘the’ place to go for live football matches and great food, often experiencing high traffic and always crowded.

Signature west and east cuisine

The menu served by Souled Out is a mixture of different cuisine including Northern Indian, Western and Asian, to name a few. After that, Ampang had its first Souled Out in 2011 and then Bangsar followed suit 2 years later.

To date, Souled Out has been acknowledged and recognized as among the best F&B options in Kuala Lumpur. That is why it is no surprise that Souled Out has won awards like the Best Casual Dining Restaurant, the Best Retro-Bar, Outlet of the Year and Best Overall Service.

A sound business offering

What you get if you franchise Souled Out is a modern and trendy F&B outlet that can start immediately. The restaurant is known for its affordable prices and excellent service with a brand name that is trusted and known across the country.

This would be one of the best options if you are planning to start a food outlet because you need not have to worry about marketing and customer awareness as all that would have been sorted out for you.

Excellent Training and Support

Besides that, you will be able to learn about the administration and operations of a restaurant, building of relationships with the suppliers, managing inventory and other training. The initial franchise fees for this business opportunity is RM650,000 depending on which option you choose which can either be:

  • Grand
  • Café
  • Kiosk

What do our experts say?

Soul’ed Out is very established and popular among locals and expatriates. This is one F&B business that needs a minimal introduction as it has already built a strong customer base over the years. Starting is straightforward with very good income opportunities.

  • Brand Reputation – Strong image with good brand recollection among customers.
  • Initial Capital – High which starts from RM500,000 and goes all the way to RM2,000,000.
  • Return on Investment – Very much depends on the crowd. Your location would play an important role.
  • Location – Very crucial. It can be in a shopping mall but preferably at a stand-alone unit (house or retail store).
  • Customer Segment – Medium to upmarket diner crowd.
  • Franchise Fees – RM650,000 for Grand, RM300,000 for café and RM150,000 for kiosk.
  • Royalty Fees – 5% of total gross sales.

The Final Word

When it comes to F&B, having a name like Soul’ed Out will surely give you a lot of mileage. This is where you already have a catchment of customer base who are associated with this brand for its good food and ambiance.

This is a good and sound business to get into to especially if you are passionate about running a food operation. Coupled with a strong brand name, all you need is a good location, reserved funds and you are good to go!

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