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Looking for the perfect franchising opportunity in education? If you are interested in running an educational center, here might be a good suggestion for you – Kumon Malaysia.

Individualized learning for children

Every child should be given the opportunity to shine. And Kumon Centre is the right place as it provides an individualized learning method to guide your child to study at their own pace.

Improving learning and interest

It also helps your child to catch up with their school grades and syllabus. Basically, there are two main programmes offered in Kumon – Maths and English Language. Kumon’a learning method is constantly improved and revised according to the school syllabus to ease the kids in their everyday learning processes.

Why Kumon?

The idea of Kumon came from the father’s love for his son. Mr Toru Kumon wanted his 8-year old son, Takeshi to be able to solve mathematical problems using the right and proper learning materials and that was what he did.

For this, he spent endless hours on and by the time his son was in primary 6, he could already solve some of the higher levels of mathematics. The proven success of this method has enabled Kumon to grow by leaps and bounds.

Today, it is among the largest learning system in the world for language and mathematics. Present in more than 45 countries worldwide, it has been teaching more than 4 million kids now.

In Malaysia, Kumon has already become a household name with more than 200 centers nationwide with nearly 30,000 students enrolled.

The Franchise Opportunity with Kumon

Nothing beats having your own business and if education is your passion, then Kumon might just be your best option. It is the hope from Kumon that people around the world will be able to learn the Kumon method which is why franchising this business can be quite affordable.

What do our experts say?

Kumon is a global name known for child enrichment and this is one brand that does not need much introduction. Starting this business can be quite swift but you must really have the passion to educate and patience to work with children.

  • Brand Reputation – Very strong and renowned.
  • Initial Capital – On the low side. You would need between RM80,000 and RM100,000 to start this business.
  • Return on Investment – Should be within the first year due to the low entry cost.
  • Location – Usually shop lots. Most popular residential areas are already taken hence you need to find new ones.
  • Customer Segment – Families and young parents.
  • Franchise Fees – Around RM10,000 (among the lowest)
  • Royalty Fees – 45% during provisional license and 40% during full license.

The Final Word

The Kumon franchise allows low entry cost but has higher royalty. This can give you an easy head start but a child enrichment center will be subjected to rules and regulations. Licensing and compliance would need to be followed.

You must have a certain level of passion to work with children. Expansion might be an issue as there are limitations. You will need some reserves to sustain this business which once started should be quite easily operational.

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