Furniture Expo


Furniture Manufacturers
This expo will involve manufacturer of furniture from all segments. Home furniture like sofas, kitchen cabinets, lighting frames as well as office furniture manufacturers like tables, cabinets and lighting use this expo to showcase their full range of products and what makes their brand so popular and efficient. Most furniture manufacturers can showcase their products which are not too bulky while specialized fittings and design services are usually provided as well.

Children furniture manufacturers
These exhibitors use this expo to demonstrate their specialization for children as they require different types of furniture as compared to those used by adults. Children furniture are very important as it includes proper seating posture and position, the best type of lighting for the growing child, ergonomic tables and chairs for studying as well as bed and sleeping furniture.

Specialized furniture
Manufacturers who are involved in specialized furniture can showcase their offerings in this expo. This includes furniture that is designed for the disabled, the elderly and those that are meant for specific reasons. This can include children who have learning difficulties, furniture that are designed for specific purpose like physiology and those that are meant for people with different learning capabilities.

Customized furniture
Suppliers of customized furniture can use this expo to reach potential customers better and more efficiently. This includes kitchen cabinets which will involve specific measurements and materials like wood or metal. Apart from that, manufacturers who supply customized fittings like display cabinets and acrylic frames for retail or corporate companies can use this expo to find new customers and more collaborations as well.


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