Gifts and Crafts Expo

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Gifts and souvenirs
This expo provides the platform for gifts and souvenirs sellers to promote their range of products to visitors. This usually includes items like greeting cards, novelty products like pen holders, display items like photo frames and event souvenirs.

Corporate gifts
This is one of the most popular areas and products that are on sale during the expo. Producers and manufacturers of corporate gifts provide services where companies can customize items for their corporate branding and image. This usually involves products like pens, office stationery and apparel where logos and company names can be embossed or imprinted and used in the organization.

Premium products are very popular for companies that run roadshows and events. Businesses that offer such services will be able to reach more corporate clients where they can provide customized and specialized services like printing of event t-shirts, production of lanyards for events and in the design of goodie bags and such. Participants in this expo include t-shirt printers that use methods like silkscreens, large format printers and many more.

Craft products and items are on display in this expo as well. This includes companies that sell such items as well as those that provide services in design and manufacturing. Participants at the fair can find very innovative products and items that can be used for corporate and personal events like weddings, annual dinners and anniversaries. Apart from that, there are usually specially crafted products that are designed for special purpose that include acrylic display items, light-box signage and others.

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