Gindaco Franchise – Putting your money into what Malaysians are claiming to be the best Takoyaki in the country.


Takoyaki is perhaps one of the most recognizable snacks from Japan and a business that sells this food will never go wrong. Gindaco is a brand synonymous with Takoyaki and it has a very well-established presence among its customers.

Bringing Japan to the Malaysian food lovers

How does operating a premium Takoyaki brand sound to you? If you run this franchise, you will be part of the networks with more than 500 outlets around the world. Offering some of the most delicious Takoyaki choices, this is one of the fast-growing chains in Malaysia now with more than 10 stores already operating.

Starting with a strong brand

One thing for sure, you will seldom see an empty booth at the Gindaco outlet in shopping malls. Offering a Japanese-style snacking experience, customers like to buy their food, stand around (or sit around the benches) and take in the signature Original Takoyaki, a mainstay among anyone who likes Japanese food. This is made all the more perfect with their own Gindaco sauce while you get to put your own toppings like bonito flakes and dried green seaweed too. Another popular item loved by Gindaco customers is their Cheezy Mentaiko Takoyaki.

What do our experts say?

Gindaco gives you a good investment opportunity as it is different from other F&B brands. The exotic, Japanese presence has always had a positive inclination with customers and this has a strong marketing perspective. However, this type of food might not resonate with everyone and hence some level of customer awareness campaign might be required.

  • Brand Reputation – Strong and well established.
  • Initial Capital – You will need at least RM125,000 to start.
  • Franchising fees: RM 55,000
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Return on Investment – You should have no problem getting your ROI within the first 2 years.
  • Location – Crucial to be at high-traffic locations.
  • Customer Segment – Families and young customers.

The Final Word

Gindaco is one franchise opportunity that is not overly excessive. At around RM200,000 to start, it is among the lowest and you will be working with a brand that is already very established. Customers know what they want when they visit a Gindaco outlet which makes operations a whole lot easier.

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