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Check out all the latest developments and news in the global economy here. News like IPOs in the global market will usually affect economies around the region and this is where you can get the latest insights and news such as these.
Besides that, there are the latest developments on global prices of crude oil, currency and many others, including mergers and acquisitions, rumours on any takeovers or other related resources. Browse through the latest news here and learn about how they will affect your businesses, operations or investments. There will be stories from global business leaders who are making waves in their respective markets where you can draw inspiration from and determine if some of these strategies can help your business grow as well.

Industry 4.0 – Are you ready?

The steam engine was invented back in the 18th century and that was a game changer. This produced energy and power that eventually saw industries

Japans debt rating downgraded Moody

Japan’s debt rating downgraded by Moody

After the downgrade of the credit rating of the United States, another major economic superpower is seen to be following suits as Japan is the