Gopeng Berhad

Incorporated on 9 November 1983, Gopeng Berhad was established to undertake the management and ownership of the assets and business operations of Gopeng Consolidated Plc, which is a UK based company. The takeover was in effect under a Scheme of Arrangement on 12 April 1984 which have been in operations in the 1890s which was involved in the alluvial tin mining industry.It has since continue and expanded its business operations and is currently in the cultivation of palm oil, investments holding and property development sector. There are 4 main core areas of businesses in Gopen namely property development, plantation, manufacturing and investment holding. Among its susbidiraries are Gopeng Granite And Marble Sdn Bhd, Gopeng Land & Properties Sdn Bhd, Gopeng Precision And Engineering Sdn Bhd, Gopeng Resources Sdn Bhd, Gopeng Technologies Systems Sdn Bhd, Grooved Secretaries Limited and Mambang Di-Awan Sendirian Berhad. One of Gopeng’s most significant achievements would be its involvement in the design, construction and maintenance of road works in the Ipoh to Gopeng and Tapah to Bidor stretches of the PLUS highway.


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