Hailam Kopitiam Franchise Business Opportunity


What is the Hailam Kopitiam business?
How does operating your own homegrown café that serves great food like Hainanese coffee and steamed kaya bread sound to you? The Hailam Kopitiam is a Malaysian brand that serves authentic local favorites. Today, it is a modern establishment that serves dishes prepared from its traditional recipe.

What is the background of Hailam Kopitiam?
The Hainan’s influence goes as far back as 1936 when the first such establishment was opened. That was when Foh Heong Kopitiam started in Kuala Pilah, which is still in operation today. It would then grow and Sinaran Restaurant Café was opened in 1944.

What is Hailam Kopitiam known for?
Over the years, Hailam Kopitiam has maintained its original taste and flavor. This is attributed by the preservation of the cooking style and recipe used for decades. In Hailam Kopitiam, the original and authentic dishes are still served the way they have been all this while. There has not been any changes or fusion with modern dishes. As such, customers know what they are in for when they frequent these outlets.

What are the popular dishes from Hailam Kopitiam?
Their beverages like coffee and tea are their signature dishes here. Besides that, the customers enjoy homemade kaya and toast, half-boiled eggs and such. Their Hainanese Chicken Chop is always a popular item among its customers, one which has been passed down for generations now.

How big is Hailam Kopitiam?
Today, there are more than 30 Hailam Kopitiam outlets operating across Malaysia and still growing. One of the main reasons why customers love Hailam Kopitiam is because of its authentic Hainanese dishes and affordable prices.

  • Brand Reputation – A fast-growing F&B brand with good potential for growth.
  • Initial Capital – RM600,000.00
  • Franchise Fee – RM70,000
  • Royalty Fee – 5%.
  • Return on Investment – The initial startup cost is slightly high although it is still lower than others like
  • OldTown White Coffee. You would need to have sufficient funds to sustain for the first 3 years.
  • Location – Important if you are in a shopping mall but if you are in a standalone shop, a corner lot will be preferred.
  • Customer Segment – Families and locals.

The Final Word
Hailam Kopitiam offers a great investment option if you are looking for something different from the usual like OldTown White Coffee. It is a cheaper and more affordable franchise with very good potential for profit especially a brand name that is already quite well established.

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