Health and Wellness Expo


Health Supplements
This expo is an ideal avenue for health supplement companies. There are a wide range of brands that are renowned in the market as well as emerging ones where the expo is a great platform to promote the benefits of their products. Health supplements are one of the most demanded products in the market today where this expo will have a healthy mix of items like Omega-3 Fish oil, Multivitamins, Probiotic and many more.

Health Equipments
Manufacturers of health related equipment can use the expo to showcase and demonstrate how to operate their products. This usually involves products like blood-pressure checkers, sugar level monitors and many more. Apart from that, there are equipment used for fitness like treadmills, body-building equipment and weights, among others.

Diet and Slimming
A prominent segment of this expo is in diet and slimming. Targeting mainly female customers, slimming companies and diet programmes are promoted among those in this segment. Apart from that, slimming products like diet pills and meal replacement products are on display as well.

Health Centers
This expo will involve health-related centers that cover the likes of spa for women, rejuvenating centres for everyone and others. All types of packages and services provided at these centers are promoted in this expo to create more awareness of the benefits of general health and wellbeing.

Specialized services
Service providers offering specialized offerings like joint-health, vision and eye health are included in this fair. This is where visitors are able to find and engage those that offer services that promote better health in specific areas.


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