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Home.com.my is a very high profile domain which as the name implies a place where the home is. The going price for this domain is U$45,000.00 which will be a good investment if your business is in this sector. With all types of resources related to the home, you can reach your target audience best with the latest resources about renovation, tips and tricks around the home as well as reviews and lifestyle articles. Home.com.my can be the home of every internet users in Malaysia.

Home to every internet users in Malaysia

The opportunities are limitless with Home.com.my as you will have vast areas of resources to work in and to reach your community of followers through this digital platform. As Malaysians are now more concerned with quality of life, they will have a lot to discuss and talk about especially in terms of hobbies, past times and how to enjoy life. By offering a platform for them to do so, you get to capture this market and keep them at your site for long periods of time.

Price: USD45K

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