Hot & Roll


The business of fast food is always one that attracts a lot of attention for business owners. Hot & Roll is one that has been around that provides a unique type of baked food. Do you desire a simple food business setup without the hassle of building a whole new customer base?

Healthy and delicious food

The Hot & Roll brand has come a long way in offering baked food for its customer which is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. On top of that, they are fresh and healthy too. Hot & Roll can be a sound business opportunity because it is established and preferred by its customers.

Easy to start

What makes a business like Hot & Roll desirable is in its simplicity and value for money food products. This is a business that provides customers with several options that they can choose and enjoy anytime.

There is always a good market catchment when it comes to wraps like those offered by Hot & Roll. Customers today are lack of time and they would appreciate fresh and healthy food. This type of food gives them a better alternative as compared to fast food like burgers and sandwiches.

Highlights of Hot & Roll

What you get in franchising the Hot & Roll business is that you will be trained and taught on how to run a business no matter how big or small it is. This includes learning about financial management and cash flow which is crucial for operations like these.

What do our experts say?

Hot & Roll is a sound business if you plan to enter the food business. It is easy and simple and has good potential for good returns.

  • Brand Reputation – An above-average brand image for fast and healthy food.
  • Initial Capital – From RM100,000 to RM200,000 depending on the extent of renovation and location.
  • Franchising fees: RM 15,000 to RM30,000
  • Royalty Fees: 5%
  • Return on Investment – Possibly within the first year with a good customer base.
  • Location – You will need to be in a highly visible location to breakeven fast.
  • Customer Segment – Shoppers and working adults.

The Final Word

You will need to have sufficient reserves to run this business in the first year. However, once it is operational, it can be quite self-sustaining. It makes for good business sense because there is a strong demand in the market.

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