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The hotels segment in Malaysia’s Bursa Main board constitutes the smallest segment of counters because there are only 4 companies whose shares are traded here. This is where you will find that while the companies are listed under the Hotels category, they are also involved with other related services although their main priority are still in their hotel businesses.

Take note that not all the main hotel companies are listed in within this category because companies like IOI who operates a chain of hotels and resorts in Malaysia are listed under their main business category which is in the plantations sector.

Here is where you will find companies like GCE which is Guthrie’s subsidiary, Landmark Holdings which operates the Andaman hotels and resorts, PMHoldings as well as Shang the owner and operator of Shangri-La hotels and resorts around the country and surrounding regions.

You can now share insider news if you have any with other members of the club here where you will also be able to receive very valuable insights into upcoming contracts and developments of these companies in around Malaysia. Such information will be able to help you in your investments especially if you are considering to trade the stocks from these operators.

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