House Of Healin


There is no compromise when it comes to health and that is what customers are looking for in these segments. If you are selling products that promote good health and wellness, then you must select one which is reputable and of the best quality.

Meeting the standards

The House of Healin is an exciting business option as it has good and strong market demand. It started through the rejuvenating formula from one Professor Dato Dr. Hassan Yaakob. Products rolled out goes through a thorough and strict quality and manufacturing process.

What do you get to sell?

The product range from House of Healin can appeal to anyone who is health-conscious as they are natural and halal. This means that there is good potential to get to the mass customer segment who wants better health.

Getting the best from House of Healin

House of Healin has an established brand image in the Malaysian market and this is set to expand further. It has been involved in biotechnology-based products from the start and hence can provide all the support in terms of marketing and product development.

Besides that, training and customer services are provided as well which makes operating this business easier and more efficient.

What do our experts say?

This business can be quite challenging as it offers unique products. Product knowledge is crucial to start this business.

  • Brand Reputation – Good brand standing but his market can be quite a niche.
  • Initial Capital – Between medium to high.
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000, RM 30,00 and RM20,000 for Premium, Standard and Mini setups.
  • Return on Investment – Would need time initially to build a customer base.
  • Location – Retail outlets.
  • Customer Segment – Working adults and families.

The Final Word

The House of Healin provides a different type of business opportunity and it can be challenging in the initial stages. You will need to have some reservations to sustain once you start but once it’s up and running, you should enjoy a comfortable revenue stream.

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