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Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading in today’s international market is very simple and convenient as you can now do so online. There are many brokerage companies available online which allows you to trade easily, conveniently and securely.

Major Players in online Forex

One of the companies offering these services is HY Markets. The London-based company is regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the brokerage services and is one of the oldest and most established firms in this sector. With more than 30 years’ experience in this market sector, HY Markets has been one of the pioneering firms that has adopted technology to provide better and more efficient services to its customers.

Own technology

HY Markets uses its own HY Webtrader application, which is a web-based real-time system to facilitate trading in Forex. Apart from that, through HY Markets, you can now enjoy better portability where you can carry out forex trading transactions through most mobile platforms like Android and iPhone through the MT4 platform, the de facto standard used in the international forex market.

Great for traders

HY Market is an ideal platform for you in your forex investments as they are specialists in the online trading markets. There are many choices in terms of investments through HY Markets. This include foreign exchange, metals like gold and silver, commodities as well as stocks, allowing you to trade in various markets and expanding your investment choices.

Background of HY Markets

Owned and operated by Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd, HY Markets is part of the global conglomerate company Henyep Group which has market presence in various leading industries. This includes financial services, education and property where they operate in 20 countries around the world. It started off as a member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society back in the late 1970s and has since expanded to provide more financial services.

Convenient and Efficient

Trading through HY Markets provides you with the transparency and convenience you will expect in this business area. Today, HY Markets is registered and regulated in markets like Hong Kong, London and Dubai. Opening an account with HY Markets is extremely easy and convenient. You can open either a Live or Demo account. Where this is concerned, the Demo Account is free of charge where you will be given a 14-day demo to try out the system. The demo account comes with a USD$50,000 virtual cash fund where you can use it on the HY Markets Webtrader and the MT4 Download platforms.

Using Hy Markets

Meanwhile, if you decide to open a Live Account, all you need is a US$50 start-up and you can start your forex trading in a matter of minutes. HY Markets offer a very flexible method of withdrawal and deposits where you can use most major credit cards or online payment systems like PayPal. Through HY Markets, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of complementary services like live tradable prices as well as a high maximum leverage of up to 400:1. There will be no commissions charged while you can enjoy lower spreads and instant confirmation as well.

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