I Love Yoo! Franchise – Where you can bring the best Malaysian street snacks to your customers. You can’t go wrong with Yoo Tiau and Red Bean!


Malaysians love their food and when it comes to the F&B business, there is always potential when you sell local snacks because they are fast and easy. I Love Yoo! is one brand that comes with its own reputation of the ‘Malaysian Street Feast’ name.

Making street food cool again

I Love Yoo! has grown to become a popular name among Malaysian shoppers. Its flagship shop was opened back in 2007 in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and has since grown to more than 35 outlets around the country. Selling some of the most popular Malaysian fried snacks like the Yoo Tiau and the Red Bean Fried cake, customers can pack and go as they like when shopping. Besides that, I Love Yoo! also sells beverages and common items such as Red Bean, Soya and Tau Foo Far.

What do our experts say?

I Love Yoo! is a unique investment if you are looking to venture into the Malaysian F&B business. It is a growing brand and has already enjoyed a lot of success in the current locations they are operating. This means that what you sell are known items to your customers which require very little or no introduction whatsoever.

  • Brand Reputation – Growing but very positive.
  • Initial Capital – Depends on the location and size but you would be expected to start with about RM250,000 onwards.
  • Franchising fees: RM50,000 for the first 5 years and RM20,000 for the next 5 years
  • Royalty fee: 4%
  • Return on Investment – If your location is good, you should break even within the first 18 months.
  • Location – Extremely important here as your customers are those who want fast and easy food.
  • Customer Segment – Malaysian shoppers.

The Final Word

What makes I Love Yoo! a good investment opportunity is a brand. It has a catchy and unique name. Operating this business has a lot of potentials as you have a lot of grounds covered. The brand is very well established while the product is made up of Malaysian favorites. While the price might be slightly higher than the street stalls, it is expected as you would most likely be operating in a shopping mall.

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