Trading in the global forex (foreign exchange) market can be very challenging which is why you must select a reputable and experienced brokerage company. There are many firms in the market today that provide such services as well as the tools to help you in your investments. One of the companies in this market segment which is very established and reputable is IbFX.

Who is IbFX?

IbFx is a member of the Monex Group that offers online forex trading services. It is part of the group with a global network of banks. This award-winning brokerage firm is one of the pioneering companies that have adopted the use of technology in forex trading. Through the use of technology and real-time systems, IbFx has been able to bring the best and most efficient services to its customers.

Technology is the focus

This is why IbFx places a lot of emphasis in technology because customers often find themselves losing the bid due to the delay caused by slower systems. Through IbFx, you can enjoy the lowest spreads on major currency pairs as this can be done through its global network of banks. This allows IbFx to compete for better prices and then offer them to the customer. From there, you can then enjoy quick execution time which usually takes lesser than 0.05 seconds for each transaction.

Flexibility and Convenience

IbFx offers flexible contract sizes in which you have more flexibility when it comes to dealing in lots. There are many other benefits for your forex trading activities when you carry them out through IbFx. This include providing the latest market news and insights which will help you to make the right decisions, webinars and tutorials to help you understand the forex market better as well as a top-notch customer service which is ready to help when needed.

Unique features

One of the unique features you will enjoy through IbFx is its PRS or Pattern Recognition scanner. This system will scan the patterns of price consolidation and will alert traders when there are any breakouts that are completed or could happen. This is one area that IbFx specializes on with an accuracy rate of 70%+. On top of that, IbFx offers its own Global Debit Card which helps to expedite the transfer of funds when you trade in forex. Through this card, you can easily transfer and move funds from other accounts without having to wait for days. This is one of the main reasons why IbFx has won numerous industry awards.

MT4 and IbFx

Running on the industry-standard MetaTrader 4 platform, you can easily learn how to trade in minutes. IbFx offers low spreads while you can open either a Live or Demo account. A Demo Account is usually the best way to start your trading where you will be able to familiarize yourself with how to use the Meta Trader 4 platform. When it comes to Live Accounts, you can choose either to open a Standard or Mini Account which gives you the flexibility of choosing the size of lots you like to trade in. This will then determine the amount you need to start in your forex trading investment.

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