IJM Corporation


IJM Corporation is perhaps one of the most established conglomerates in Malaysia. Listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, IJM Corporation’s shares are traded through the stock code of 3336.

IJM Properties

The IJM name is commonly associated with property and construction, among others. The conglomerate is a leading player in various sectors including:

  1. Manufacturing and quarrying
  2. Construction
  3. Property Development
  4. Plantations
  5. Infrastructure Concessions

Wide network of companies

Headquartered in Malaysia, the company is actually the merger between 3 construction companies from Malaysia which are:

  1. IGB Construction Sdn Bhd
  2. Jurutama Sdn Bhd
  3. Mudajaya Sdn Bhd

IJM, which was established in 1983 has since grown steadily over the next few decades where it has become the market leader in various sectors. In fact, in the midst of fierce competition, IJM even bought over its nearest rival, the Road Builder Group which allowed it to grow even further. This took place in 2007 and it enabled IJM to strengthen its competitiveness among the other players in the market.

Consumer Perception

As a public listed company, IJM is constantly in the spotlight where it has expanded its portfolio in recent years. That which started out as a construction company has now grown to become one of the leading property developers in Malaysia. As such, IJM has often been associated with building high-quality properties like commercial buildings, high-rise apartments and such. Apart from Malaysia, IJM’s business has already grown into other markets like Australia, Singapore and even to the United States. Because of this, its shares have been performing extremely well, bringing in a lot of investments both from the public and corporate platforms.

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