Industrial products

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The Industrial Products category in Bursa Malaysia has the most counters as compared to other categories. It is made up of companies operating in Malaysia which are basically involved with all types of products and services encompassing oil and gas, steel industries, wood industries, packaging and many more. Here is where you will find counters like Wijaya which is involved with healthcare and operates one of the major specialist hospitals in Malaysia, MinTEc, Ingress, Jasa Kita, BTM and others.

Companies from Malaysia as well as multinational ones with their subsidiaries here in Malaysia have their stocks traded in this category and you will be able to find all types of companies that also covers Kinsteel, Leweko, Lion group, Maemode, Mieco, CSCStel as well as as Adventa too.

Share with others any insights and upcoming project information here and you will find that you will get more sound investments and better returns of your money when trading these shares. The counters here are considered to be among the more active ones among all other counters. This is because there are many counters operating in this segment which are major companies in Malaysia that also include Jadi, DRB HICOM, CinWei, White Horse ceramics, and SCOMI.

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