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Among all the categories in the Bursa Malaysia main board, the infrastructure segment is one of the smallest. It has one of the fewest number of companies here. Generally, this segment covers companies which offer services by providing infrastructure around Malaysia either to the public or the private sector.

Generally, this segment is where companies which offer specific infrastructure and facilities where they usually garner public projects from the government and offering them to the public and the people around Malaysia. Most of the services offered here are largely depended on the performance of the companies and their stocks are usually considered quite stable because their operations widely rely on the public support, which are usually very essential.

You can now share information about insider news or tips on upcoming projects and development in these companies in this sector. Talk about how companies like Litrak, the major expressway operator of Malaysia has been awarded a new highway project or how companies like Digi is going all out to compete against the likes of the bigger telco boys like Maxis and Celcom. Apart from Digi and Litrak, energy providers like YTLPower too have their stocks traded in this segment. Other companies listed in this category include AIRB, Puncak, Silk Holdings and TimeCom.

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