To accommodate its customers in trading in several financial markets, InstaForex provides a lot of facilities through its state-of-the-art information technologies where they are sourced from MetaQuotes Forex Software, Reuters and many others, all of which are leading technology companies in this market.

Background of InstaForex

The InstaForex company is represented in more than 250 offices around the country in which a majority of them are located in Asia alone. This is where the company had enjoyed its most success where the customers are provided access to stock exchanges like MYCEX and RTX, among others.

Why InstaForex?

The company was awarded as The Best Broker in Asia for 3 consecutive years at the World Finance Awards by World Fiannce Media while it garnered many other awards as well. InstaForex is a member of the RAFMM (Russian Association of Financial Market Members) organization where the company is able to enjoy such recognition through its team of highly experienced and qualified professionals. The aim is to help the customers achieve their financial objectives and to get their money’s worth when investing in financial markets.

Established in 2007, InstaForex has grown to become a leading player in the online forex trading platform. To date, it has more than 7 million traders who are actively using their services. Each day, Instaforex records more than 1,000 new accounts from its clients who are looking to expand their profitability through the money markets.

Trading on InstaForex

As a trader with InstaForex, you will enjoy more than 300 tools available on this site. This includes engines and analytical tools that are sourced from MetaQuotes, Dow Jones, Reuters and e-Signal to help you make better decisions. Besides that, InstaForex is among the early adopters of the MetaTrader 5 which comes with support for iOS and Android. Here, you can have access not only to special offers but to one-click trading and bonuses too while enjoy setting leverage within the 1:1 and 1:1000 range.

InstaForex for beginners

If you are new to forex trading, fret not because InstaForex would have you covered. In fact, you should be able to grasp the concept and practice on InstaForex very quickly because the services offered here do not usually need a lot of your physical control.

The InstaForex Trading Platform

As you would expect, the InstaForex trading platform runs on the MetaTrader 4 engine while you can choose to use MetaTrader 5 as well. This is where you can buy and sell online and make settlements where necessary. Being an online portal, you can monitor your account as and when required while being informed about the latest developments, news and notifications when required. You get to use the various tools needed for technical analysis, enjoy automated trading and have accessed to a wide choice of indicators and advisors that will help to determine your best investment options.

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