IOI Corporation Berhad

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The IOI Group has, over the last few years been one of the most active counters in Bursa Malaysia. Traded in the plantations category, IOI Corporation Berhad’s shares are transacted under the code 1961.

IOI Group

The IOI Group is involved in various profitable and sustainable business sectors. This include:

  1. Palm oil – Its major sector
  2. Property Development
  3. Investment
  4. Resort management
  5. Chemical manufacturing

Background and core business

The IOI name was established as far back as 1969 making it one of the oldest conglomerates in Malaysia and in the Asia region. It currently employs more than 30,000 employees since it started then as Industrial Oxygen Incorporation Sdn Bhd. From there, it has grown and expanded to core businesses like:

  1. Palm oil plantations – This is the main business that generates the most revenue for the group. In fact, more than 60% of its profits are from the palm oil plantations where it has more than 200,00 hectares of plantations in its operation
  2. Property
  3. Oleochemicals and specialty fats
  4. Refineries

Customer Perception

Any mention of the name IOI and the oil palm tree image will surface. This is because the plantations have been the bread and butter for the company for decades now. In fact, it continues to bring in the profits. However, IOI has been extremely strong in the property development sector as well. In the past decade, IOI has built high-quality residential homes across the country as well as shopping malls in the Klang Valley and beyond. In fact, suburbs like Puchong has been successfully developed by IOI Group, putting it among the top public listed property companies in Bursa Malaysia.

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