IPFS – InterPlanetary File System offers more efficient storage and retrieval processes


What is IPFS?

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. Like the other file systems that come before this, it is a service that manages the files of a certain platform. IPFS uses the distributed network of computers where contents are hosted. This is where a link can be used to pull out files, apps or mirrored web pages, among other files. Conventional file systems usually point you towards the location of the file but IPFS directs you to the content. The IPFS model makes it very suitable for use on blockchains. In accessing a file, IPFS points you to the content where the file is stored and this could be on any number of nodes in the decentralized platform.

How big is the IPFS network?

IPFS has been growing exponentially in recent months. As of September 2021, it has been reported that more than 125 TB (Terabytes of gateway traffic runs through IPFS weekly. This is facilitated on more than 200,000 nodes and 2 million unique users each week.

How does IPFS work?

IPFS has a similar technology as the peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent. Files that are uploaded to IPFS are split into packets and then distributed to several nodes (or computers). A hash is included to locate them later. in normal web-based file systems, a location-based link is included but a unique hash identifier is used on IPFS links instead that will allow the node(s) to be located easily.

Is IPFS based on blockchains?

No, IPFS is not based on blockchain although they are similar in many ways. Like blockchains, IPFS is immutable and like the public ledgers, it has a versioning system where the history is kept intact for future reference after a new version is added.

Who is using IPFS?

IPFS is widely used on Web3 services. Among those that are using IPFS include Filecoin which uses cryptocurrency to reward node operators that host IPFS files. Meanwhile, Pinata is another platform that uses IPFS as a backup for its crypto collectibles. This is done for its partners like Sorare and one of the most popular NFT exchanges currently Rarible.

Is IPFS compatible with most computers?

To date, Opera is the most popular browser known to be compatible with IPFS together with Brave. While both Opera and Brave natively support IPFS, other browsers might need to use an add-on. However, this could change in the near future as more users start to incorporate IPFS.

What is the future of IPFS like?

Since the start of 2020, the IPFS roadmap has not been updated but it is set to be improved in the near future, according to the Project Lead of IPFS. However, with Web3 platform implementation on the rise, IPFS seems like the right way forward. Furthermore, the NFT market has been growing tremendously as well. With an effective solution for backup of NFTs, the IPFS is the ideal solution for problems faced in conventional filing systems on servers. This is evident especially in a major NFT marketplace like OpenSea.io to provide better and more efficient features for its users.

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