Apple joining the Crypto bandwagon? Don’t hold your breath!


With so much going on in the cryptocurrency market, it will be not surprising if the tech giants are mentioned, if they haven’t already done so. One of the ‘latecomers’ to the cryptocurrency game is Apple which has not been as actively participating as expected.

Not too late to get started

In the latest post, there are strong hints to show that Apple is looking at the direction of cryptocurrencies as the way forward. This came after reports showed that Apple is in the market looking for talents to join its payments department. They are looking for a qualified business development manager and that person will be involved with ‘alternative payments’ for Apple.

What does it mean for Apple?

The job ad was posted in mid-May 2021 where Apple is looking for someone to be part of the payments team for the iPhone maker. This means the person will be based at the Cupertino headquarters together with the Apple Pay and iPhone Wallet app teams. Alternative payments here would encompass other modes of transactions besides the two that will cover cryptocurrencies as well.

  • The most valuable company in Silicon Valley’s love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies has been going on for quite a while now. It has often been criticized for not opening up to the current trend and has been gripping tight to its own Apple Pay platform but this might be changing soon.
  • It must be noted that Apple did ban crypto wallets back in 2013.
  • Apple Pay has been one of the major payment engines which was launched back in 2014 which by 2019 started its own credit card.

One of the earlier reports on Apple’s venture into cryptocurrency came out in 2019 when they said that Apple believes digital assets had long-term potential and that it was ‘watching’ the progress of this market.

To be qualified for this job, you must have a few years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. The candidate must also be well-versed with contemporary payment systems like ‘buy now, pay later’ and such. This is crucial at a time where Apple has been quietly making way for cryptocurrency payments on its Wallet app. The Apple Wallet is a centralized platform that store payment information such as vouchers and digital cards. Coinbase is listed on Apple’s App Store and while it supports the Apple Wallet, it is in plans to support Apple Pay in the near future.

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