Is it hard to trade in China?


The golden question of whether it is hard to trade in China is often asked to entrepreneurs and businessmen from different types of business sectors. While not many have survived the test of trading in China, there have been real-life accounts of those who have succeeded. The common perception is that with the large population in China, targeting 0.1% of them means you are reaching millions of buyers. Perhaps you should lower your expectations and learn from this true-life story.

An entrepreneur trading in children toys spent the early years of his business buying from suppliers in Malaysia. He found that most of the products he was selling were ‘Made in China’ which prompted him to try and cut the middle-man and buy direct from China. He then spoke to his supplier who discouraged him immediately. The supplier told him that to buy wholesale from China is very difficult. You will have to take a flight to an island to transit to another island before you will come to the wholesale market. Then, you will have to know the local practice, language and the regulations which are all very complicated before you can export into Malaysia.

The entrepreneur was determined and with direct flights from AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines to Guangzhou, you can now follow his example. Trading in China is actually not difficult. In Guangzhou, you do not even need to speak Mandarin or Cantonese because they speak English and such. Logistics and delivery can be arranged on the spot. Join our business and leisure trip to Guangzhou and see it for yourself.

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