Jiunvfeng Study, Mount Tai, China – Meditation in the mountains


This looks like a floating, white cloud hovering within the sea of a mountainous range. That was probably what the designers had in mind when building the Jiunvfeng Study right in the heart of Mount Tai in Dongximen Village Shangdong, China.

Structure to signify new starts

Mount Tai has after all been a place known for its historical and cultural significance often associated with birth, new hopes and beginnings. Considered as the most important mountain of China’s Five Great Mountains, the Lushaing Pusu (Tai’an) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd recently commissioned the building of a library and meditation space at the mountain. This flawless, white structure looks every bit like a fantasy dream come true with its contrast and how it stands out in the dark surroundings.

Maintaining the richness of the mountains in the building

The design of the Jiunvfeng Study came from Hangzhou-based Gad Line+studio. The result of this initiative was a sensational, fairy-like space. It took them only 5 months to build this 287.3 square-meter building which from afar looks like it is ready to take off or sail away. The clever placement of the windows and the glasses allow enough sunlight to shine in during the day with the perfect glare of the lights shining out during the night, illuminating the surroundings with splendor.

The building of this structure had to be extremely meticulous where the rocks were selected on-site as well as the design process which needed to be adjusted along the way. From one end of the building, one can almost view the other through the long and winding walkways of tall glasses and white-washed walls.

From the inside, one gets the floating feeling, especially when facing the outside. It has to be noted that this place is all about being weightless and the designers have surely succeeded in doing so. All the fitting and furniture are chosen to reflect the overall outlook of the space with its pure and clean whiteness.

Can this work in Malaysia?

This would be a great project in Malaysia, especially with its rich mountainous options. This type of design could work in places like Cameron Highlands or in the once-popular Frasers’ Hills. However, transportation and logistics could be a challenge.

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