Jobs and Career Expo


Online Jobs
The Jobs and Career Expo can be used by online job portals to collect more members. They will usually provide registration for job seekers to register accounts and deposit their resume and in return match them with any potential vacancies that they are seeking for. This is usually done at the expo and requires only a few minutes.

Companies that have available vacancies in their corporations use the jobs expo as the platform to find the suitable candidate. In this expo, the companies usually hold the first level screening and the job seeker is required to fill up the application form and submit their resume. After that, a short interview is held on-the-spot and if the applicant is successful, a next interview will be scheduled.

Career consultants
Companies at the jobs expo usually offer career advice and constancy as well. In most cases, job seekers are at the fair to find suitable jobs while some might be looking for new opportunities and offers that might interest them. Human Resource consultants will be there to offer any form of advice on where the job seeker should go, how to climb up their career path and which direction to choose.

Training and Professional Development
To better enhance their job opportunities and career advancement, job seekers are able to find new and contemporary training programmes. Companies that offer training and professional development like CPA and other certification will usually be at these fairs to help job seekers better their chances of being employed with the top employers in their respective markets.


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